Welcome to the first official news article of the new Turtleshell Software website!

You may have noticed a few major changes; this is to align with our new business ambitions. The new website is designed to create a community by promoting:

  • Education and learning about software and web development.
  • Progress updates for our app and game projects we are working on.
  • News that interests the community such as intriguing technology and advancements.
  • Services offered by Turtleshell Software.

One of the new, key features our website offers is the fully functional news section that now allows users to engage in comments/ conversation. We would also like to encourage the community to write and share any of their own tips, insights and articles for others to learn from (these of course will be on a request basis and heavily analyzed before approved and posted. All credit will be given to the author).

In the coming weeks we are looking to add some additional content in the form of image albums and possibly a short tutorial or two and additional updates. If you have any additional requests, please reach out to us over Facebook messenger to discuss or feel free to email us at info@turtleshellsoftware.com.au.

Also, please consider showing your support via our Patreon account, it really goes a long way.

Thanks for joining us for the first step in this journey, let’s hope it’s a long and productive one.

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