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Monk-Ups is Here!

Monk Ups fitness martial arts app

Love new ways to train? Well here’s a fresh way to train time-honoured exercises for strength and fitness practiced by real warrior monks!

What's Monk-Ups?

The Monk-Ups app began with a randomized push-up timer that pauses at 3 intervals of the push-up position: top, middle and bottom. This is an exercise I learned while training in a temple in China by a real monk and it nearly killed me!

The app has since grown to feature 3 other exercises – squats, basic Kung Fu stances and drills to use on your punching bag or shadow boxing.

Push-Ups (Monk-Ups)

push-ups fitness
  • The monk-ups exercise starts in the top most position.
  • A randomized buzzer plays and lets you know when to change to the middle position.
  • Hold until the buzzer plays again and change to the lowest point of the push-up.
  • Continue until you hear the sound to change back to the middle.
  • Finally return to the top most position and continue to cycle through the positions until your arms are jelly – this means weakness is now leaving your body!

The randomized intervals can be changed from the settings screen to decrease or increase the potential hold time for a different kind of workout.


The instructions for squats are essentially the same as the push-ups exercise. Make sure you try your best to maintain good posture and technique.


horse stance martial arts fitness

Stance exercises are a staple of many martial arts exercises. The app will will cycle through horse stance, front stance on the left side and front stance on the right side. The settings screen allows you to change the duration that each stance is held for as well as the delay between stances so that you can adjust to the next stance, have a rest or smash out another exercise such as push-ups in between stances.

Bag drills/ combos

punching bag drills boxing martial arts

For this exercise you may like to use a punching bag, if you do not have one then feel free to shadow box.

There are 6 positions on the bag, numbers 1 – 3 are for your left side and 4 – 6 for the right. The app will give you a combination followed shortly by a pause in which you have time to perform the combination yourself.

Settings will allow you to modify how many moves in a combo as well as the time in between combos.

This exercise is great if you just want to jab or straight punch the bag but feel free to get creative. Use a variety of jabs, hooks, kicks or whatever you like.

About the App

The purpose of this application is to develop fundamental strength, stability and endurance. It was created with the purpose of sharing passion for fitness and martial arts.

Use the application to mix up your routine and challenge your friends, see who can go the longest in the push-up exercise before falling apart.

Have fun and TRAIN HARD!

Monk Ups app Turtleshell Software

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