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Want to automate your business’s redundant paper trails and time consuming practices? Maybe you have a great idea to improve your industry standards? Get your very own custom business or personal app from Turtleshell Software!

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Whether you’re a brand new business or someone who’s been around for a while, chances are you probably need a website. Get yourself an online presence today!

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Software is now an aspect of almost every part of our lives, from your mobile phone to medical equipment. We explore and develop software to bring out our creativity and to improve our quality of life.

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Games are a great way to get introduced to and improve your programming skills. With so many great free resources to develop games, our options are limitless.

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Robotic fruit pickers, 3D printed houses and new age space travel – technology is all around us and is rapidly evolving. We want to share and hear about all the up-and-coming technologies.

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Never stop learning. With such a huge growing world, one of the most important things to do is learn as much as you can and share with the people around you.

Our Aim

We develop software and games, now we want to develop a community. Our new revamped website provides a platform to not only display our own work, but also encourage learning and communication between people who are interested in all thing’s software, games, technology, and learning. Please create an account to participate and share your thoughts on our articles. For anyone who would like to contribute an article that they think others would find interesting, we encourage you to contact us via email.

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